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Stick Game
About The Stick Game was actually I project I put together for a writing class back at USC. The class was part of my general education requirement, and focused on the treatment of time in western culture. The final project for the class was essentially to do something about the treatment of time. Some people did videos, one student wrote a short story about time travel. I wrote the Stick Game, and gave a little presentation (reflected in the game's "Time" menu option) regarding the time complexity and space requirements of the algorithm I used.

A note about the title of the game: since writing the program, I learned that the Stick Game is actually called Nim, and that the game (or variations of it) have been around for basically all of recorded history. However, when I originally wrote the code, I didn't know any of that. Instead, I copied the game from a game played in the movie Last Year at Marienbad, which was shown as part of the writing class. Since they didn't say what the game was called during the movie, I called my program the Stick Game, which seemed accurate enough at the time.

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