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King's Corners
About King's Corners evolved from a game I saw on a trip to Catalina Island during my freshman year of college. In its current form, the game forces a player to actually make decisions given limited choices and scarce resources. In both the original and current forms, the game would proceed by players putting down sequences of cards (e.g., king-queen-jack-ten-etc...). In the original form of the game, there were essentially no limits on how the player could go about forming sequences. For instance, if a player has a broken sequence (e.g., King-Jack-ten), he or she could draw any number of cards until that sequence (or any other) was completed. Under the new version, that strategy isn't possible. Players have a limit on the number of cards in their hand, so it is no longer possible to simply pick up cards until you finally complete all your sequences. Simlarly, instead of being able to pick up any number of cards in a turn, a player can only draw one card in a turn, and can't play a card on the same turn he or she draws. As a result, there is now an opportunity cost to drawing cards - something else that differentiates my version of King's Corners from the ancestral game. Those differences, along with some other tweaks I worked out playing with my room mates the following year have led to a game of strategy and skill, rather than just random card drawing.
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