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Forgotten Times 2
About Forgotten Times 2 is an attempt to take all the things I decided I didn't like about my approach in Forgotten Times and fix them. For example, based on my experience with Forgotten Times, I decided that writing my own graphics format was a mistake, because it prevented me from having other people help with the graphics, or use any of the neat tools that people have developed. As a result, rather than using the lineart format I programmed for the first game, uses standard bitmaps. I also decided that a lot of the under the hood functions of Forgotten Times (for example, the NPCs, which are actually treated effectively as part of the scenery) needed fixing, which has led to Forgotten Times 2 being a vastly more flexible (but also more complicated) piece of software to work with.

The biggest difference though, between Forgotten Times and Forgotten Times 2, is that Forgotten Times 2 isn't finished yet. Actually, it isn't even close. What I have available are downloads of works in progress (identified by date of upload) which show the progress I'm making as time goes by. Will it ever be finished? I think so. However, given that I've been working on it off and on for over five years now, I thought it would make more sense to distribute it now, rather than wait for the day (which may never come) when it's totally done.

Forgotten Times 2 (uploaded 1-30-11)
Forgotten Times 2 (uploaded 6-19-10)
Forgotten Times 2 (uploaded 1-24-10)
Forgotten Times 2 (uploaded 10-27-09)
Forgotten Times 2 (uploaded 7-5-09)
Forgotten Times 2 (uploaded 3-23-09)
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